This is the Modern Look of Legal Transcriptions

We rely on quick transcriptions. We need some things transcribed in as little as four hours. Plus, we need an insanely high degree of accuracy. When you are dealing with the court system, you do not want any errors that the other side could pounce on. This is why we choose to use transcription services with people who have a full understanding of the legal system as well as transcription abilities. They need to know the jargon as well as being able to put to paper what any number of people might be saying.

We have had witnesses with different accents and use of language being interviewed, and that makes it tough for anyone who does legal transcriptions. The service we use does an exceptional job. Anyone who understands how transcriptions work knows that there is usually a trade-off between the time allotted to do the transcription and the accuracy. If you want it now, like most of us do, you usually had to sacrifice a degree of accuracy. If you allowed more time, then the accuracy level would increase. I have found that the place we use to get our legal transcriptions done is highly accurate no matter how much time pressure we put them under to get the jobs done fast.

I also like that everything is handled electronically. We send the audio files, and we receive documents back electronically that we can print. There is no need to use fax machines, overnight delivery, messengers or any other stuff. I can get a document in an email and print it out right from my phone, since my phone is tied into our wireless printer. I have not found any faster way of getting transcription work done. I like this way of doing things. The old way is antiquated and slow. This is the modern era of legal transcription.

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