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My son was at home by himself for the weekend, and I guess he spilled a large cup of grape juice on the rug in the living room. He knows he is not supposed to have food or drink in that room, but I suppose he decided to break some rules while he had the house to himself. I’ll get to the story of what happened next in a moment, but I am trying to find rugs for sale online right now, because I am going to need to buy a new rug to replace the one that was in the living room before. I want to get one for fairly cheap, if I can, and I hope that I can find one that looks pretty good for a good price.

The rug that I am replacing was not a very cheap rug, but I just don’t want to spend a lot of money to get a new rug at the moment. Finances are kind of tight at the moment, and so I don’t think it would be very prudent to spend a lot of money on a replacement rug. I am going to try to find one pretty soon though, because the living room is going to look pretty bare without one. Anyway, the reason we have to replace the rug is not because of the grape juice stain, which probably would have came out, but because of what my son did to try to clean the stain.

He is not very smart when it comes to cleaning things and so he decided that he would use bleach to try to get the stain out. Well, it did work in getting the stain out, so I will give him that. But of course, it also bleached the area that he used it on.

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