How to Really Make the Best of a Corporate Party or Event

My boss wanted to liven up the next employee party. A lot of people liked to go for the meal, but after that it would get boring. People who see each other every day at work think they will have a lot to talk about when not on the clock, but most of what they find they have in common is just work. And shop talk is not welcome at corporate parties. So, I suggested themed entertainment hire. We could get anything from high-tech simulators to live performers. Maybe we could mix it up and have a little bit of something for everyone.

We ended up getting some driving simulators, glow drummers, balloon art performers and a speech from the Queen herself. Well, a lookalike anyway. It was fun. You should have seen the look on my boss’s face when the Queen came out to the podium. He was not sure for a moment or two if it was really her or not. When the funny speech started, everyone knew. It was a grand highlight to the party. We had a lively string quartet who did a set too. It was really neat. There was something for everyone, and no one left early. We usually wrap up shortly after the dinner, but everyone stuck around to see what was going to come next this time. I was so glad I did not tell anyone about Her Majesty’s visit to give a speech! I had a tremendous amount of fun with that one. People are still talking about it months later!

I know that for our next employee party or corporate event that we will be using the same company for our themed entertainment hire. This is the way to pull off an event in style that will not soon be forgotten by anyone attending.

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