Waking Up in a Healthy Manner

The future is now. Not the sci-fi future but the future of right here, right now. The kind of future that we imagined back in the 90’s; being able to create a home network and the Internet. Having our own portable devices that are both a computer and a phone – more of a computer that is able to provide phone services. So when I went shopping for a sandwich toaster I didn’t shop for just a toaster but a toaster that’s able to connect to the home network that I’ve built. Being able to have a home network by only having to purchase products with Wifi or Bluetooth enabled receivers makes it so that anyone with a router or a bluetooth connection to be able to connect these devices through tablet or smartphone apps. With the help of these apps you can schedule the network to respond in very specific ways and behaviors.

On the weekends, I set my blinds to stay shut for an extra hour before they open. When they open, this triggers two things; my toaster to begin toasting the bagels that I placed in it the previous night and it starts the coffee to brewing. Once finished, it pours me a cup which triggers the dimmer light in my room to begin brightening ten minutes later. It’s a slow crawl, usually fifteen minutes before the light is fully on. This gives me time to wake up comfortable to that wonderful smell of fresh coffee on the pot. This wake up call has made waking up more pleasant than I thought possible. For most people, those first few moments getting out of bed is some of the worst. It’s a struggle! Now I can stumble into my kitchen for a fresh cup without being startled out of sleep by my alarm.