Having Satellite TV in Our RV Was Easy

We got satellite for our RV a couple of weeks into our travels. We were going to forgo TV altogether when overwintering in a southern state escaping the cold and snow of home. However, after a few days of explorations, we did want our local network news on the RV TV rather than just watching DVDs. I got online and followed a click here for info link to get satellite TV. We already had a dish mounted on the coach, and all we needed was a receiver and an account. In a few days we were watching all of our network shows again. It was weird seeing the snow and other things back home from our cozy spot down in the deep south. I must say it sure dispelled any homesickness we might have been feeling.

During the days we walk, ride bikes, socialize, visit new restaurants, go out on the water and other things. At night we cozy up in our RV and watch our favorite shows we are recording on DVR. We will be having a dish installed on our house so we can continue to enjoy our satellite receiver at home. However, we are not going back up north until the spring thaw. We are very comfortable here, and will probably delay our return until it starts to get unbearably warm down here. That might be May or June! I might pay someone to cut the grass back home.

It is nice keeping up with news stories and maintaining that connection to the place we have lived our whole lives. We feel like residents of our home state, and we do like keeping up with what is happening. However, we are getting really used to this nice winter weather down here on this island chain. If we decide to move, then our local channels will change to here. That might or might not happen. Who knows? We are just enjoying life.