How to Really Make the Best of a Corporate Party or Event

My boss wanted to liven up the next employee party. A lot of people liked to go for the meal, but after that it would get boring. People who see each other every day at work think they will have a lot to talk about when not on the clock, but most of what they find they have in common is just work. And shop talk is not welcome at corporate parties. So, I suggested themed entertainment hire. We could get anything from high-tech simulators to live performers. Maybe we could mix it up and have a little bit of something for everyone.

We ended up getting some driving simulators, glow drummers, balloon art performers and a speech from the Queen herself. Well, a lookalike anyway. It was fun. You should have seen the look on my boss’s face when the Queen came out to the podium. He was not sure for a moment or two if it was really her or not. When the funny speech started, everyone knew. It was a grand highlight to the party. We had a lively string quartet who did a set too. It was really neat. There was something for everyone, and no one left early. We usually wrap up shortly after the dinner, but everyone stuck around to see what was going to come next this time. I was so glad I did not tell anyone about Her Majesty’s visit to give a speech! I had a tremendous amount of fun with that one. People are still talking about it months later!

I know that for our next employee party or corporate event that we will be using the same company for our themed entertainment hire. This is the way to pull off an event in style that will not soon be forgotten by anyone attending.

Dad Bought a Pony for Lacy

It was not much of a surprise to me, although Jennifer was pretty worried when my Dad started to teach Lacy how to ride. He bought her a really sweet little Welsh pony, it is about as tame as an animal can be and it has a real affection for Lacy. Or at least it loves her for picking apples from the tree just outside of it’s fence. Last weekend when we went over they had bought her a set of childrens horse riding clothes. I was surprised that they fit so well, especially since when I was growing up all of my clothes were two sizes too big when they were new. At any rate Lacy immediately put them on and then she started to ride the pony. It still has not name, although it seems as though she wants to name it after one of the Power Puff girls, I think she said Butter Cup or something similar to that.

Of course my Dad is not going to be happy just teaching her to ride. He has a room full of horse show trophies he has collected over the past thirty five years and he is happy to tell you all about any one of them if you want to be bored for half of a night. He is clearly going to teach her how to compete and Lacy is keen for that, no matter what her mother thinks. We took her little dog along with us this time and it is clearly jealous of the pony, but of course it is smart enough to be afraid of it too. It is a tiny dog and even a pony packs a really good kick if you get on the wrong side of it. It yipped a little, but stayed a good distance clear of it.

I Needed to Have Mold Removed from a Building

I was able to buy a small apartment building for a lot less money than I expected. I had inspected the building beforehand, so I knew that there was a lot of work to be done. I still considered it a steal though. One of the first things I had done was an inspection, and this was when it was determined that there was a slight mold problem. I had no idea how to handle this on my own, so I did an online search for a Charlotte mold removal company, which is how I found EDS Disaster Services.

They have an entire page dedicated to mold. It really helped me by learning all about mold this way. I have heard the term before, but I honestly could not explain it beyond knowing it was a fungus that can be dangerous. This site explained it in further detail, and it also explained how harmful it can be if it is not taken care of as soon as possible. That was enough to scare me into immediate action, so I called and made an appointment for someone to come out and help me get rid of it.

The team that came out really knew what they were doing. This was not a team that had a day of training. They went through extensive training in both how to use the tools that are required for the job as well as how to remove it. They follow strict protocols and follow all safety measures. That is what I wanted. I know there are companies that take shortcuts, but I did not want that. I want the problem to be taken care of right the first way so it does not cause harm further down the road. That is exactly what I got too!

Scrap Metal Your Neighbors Throw out is Free Money

If you have a pickup truck, you have a rolling business. If times are tough, there are things you can do to earn extra cash. When they cut the overtime at work, I took the time I would have been working extra hours at my job and put them to use collecting metal. Aluminum, copper, tungsten and other metals are worth money to scrap metal dealers, and most people just throw out metal scraps. I did not even tell people I was hurting for money. I just asked every family member, coworker and neighbor to keep aluminum cans and other metals for me. For people close by, I just picked them up. For coworkers who lived farther away, they brought them to me. I told people at work to just toss them in the back of my pickup truck.

I asked all my neighbors if they put out scrap metal for the trash if it would be okay if I picked it up. Some people call that garbage picking. I call it free money. As I said, I did not tell anyone it was for income. I did not deny it if asked, but I just mentioned the recycling aspect of it and how they could easily do their part. I had people give me scrap copper wire, aluminum cans and much more. Steel is not worth much, but it can be sold to scrap metal dealers too. Tungsten is heavy for its size, and it goes for about five bucks or more per pound, depending on where you live.

There is scrap value in most things people throw out. If you have specialized scrap dealers that want certain things in your area, you can focus on just those things. I like to deal with easy to find metal such as aluminum and copper that people throw out. People throw out a lot of aluminum. It is used to make cans, pots and pans, gutters, storm doors, outdoor furniture and more. Every ounce adds up to cash in your pocket.

Competing on the Mobile Market

For the promotion of a smartphone app that I developed, I hired the Big 3 Singapore production company to create a video that would be used for advertisement. The app is a game that allows multiple users to connect to a network and play competitive matches against each other using a selection of characters that they can choose. Competitive gaming has become really popular here over the last few years, and I wanted to jump on the trend while it was still generating good business. In order to have more people flock to my game, I needed to have something that would make it stand out from the others.

The production company created a funny ad that featured a man facing off against one of the characters in the game. The man gets beaten fairly easily, but then transforms into a character from the game and then defeats the other character. The app is free to download and features a set of starter characters, but more can be purchased for a low price, or if the player has enough time and patience, they can unlock them using currency that they earn in the game through regular play with other people in matches.

The advertisement had a positive effect on the reception of the game. The download numbers for the game have been way beyond what I expected them to be. The game has become so popular that I’ve gotten a few inquiries from companies that want to expand the game into a franchise. They want to have toys, t-shirts, and even an animated series made from the game. I have to think about these offers carefully, because I can’t just have anyone handling my IP and doing whatever they want with it. I want anything associated with the game to be of the highest quality.

Puzzles and a Small Dent

A brush with a parking post left a small dent in my car. The car was still functiuining, and the dent wasn’t really that bad, but seeing it there really started to annoy me. It made my perfect car look like an imperfect mess. I used my phone to navigate to and scheduled to have someone come to fix my dent. In the meantime, I did the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper. I like doing the puzzle because it gives me a great mental workout, and sometimes learn about new things that I normally wouldn’t have on my own.

It only took a few minutes for the repair worker to come to my car. While he used his tools to get out the dent, I continued to work on the puzzle. I thought I would have enough time to finish the entire puzzle while the dent was being fixed, but the worker was done before I had a chance to fill in three more words. Since the dent was fixed, I had no reason to stay parked, so I made my way home. I drew a bath and sat in the tub with my puzzle.

I filled in a few more words, but then the phone started ringing. It was my brother, so I had to take the phone call. I picked up the phone and had a long conversation with him while I was taking the bath. I didn’t get a chance to fill in a single word while I was talking to him. By the time I was done talking to my brother, my water had gone cold. I got out of the tub and dried off. Then I went to the bed and started working on the puzzle again. I was able to fill in one word and fell asleep.

I Had My New House Professionally Cleaned

When I decided to buy a new house, I was pretty excited when I found one that was nice, close to my work, and in the same school district that my kids were already going to school in. We all had pretty hectic schedules, so I had to juggle a few things just to make sure that everything was done. I had no idea how I was going to find time to clean my new home, which is when my friend told me to hire a cleaning service. I hadn’t even thought of that since I had never used one before, but it was definitely appealing.

First, I had to make sure that I would be able to afford to have the new house professionally cleaned. I figured it would cost a decent amount, but I had to make sure that it wasn’t more worth my time to just take a few days off from work. When I looked at one company and all that they do, I requested a free quote. I was really happy with the price they quoted, because I really did not want to lose any time just for the sake of cleaning.

This cleaning company cleaned all of the floors, including the carpeted rooms, along with the walls. They also cleaned everything in the kitchen and bathrooms, including cabinets and cupboards. There wasn’t a spot left untouched when they were done, and they even cleaned the ceiling fans for me! When I did my walk through of the house prior to purchasing it, it wasn’t filthy at all. I still wanted it cleaned though before moving in. After doing a walk through when the cleaning crew was done, it was like a different house. Everything sparkled and smelled so good. I don’t think I would have even done that good of a job if I had done it myself!

Riding is Different Than Watching

Out of my circle of friends, no one likes race horses as much as I do. I always keep up with the latest in horse racing news, and watch all of the events. Even when I don’t have a television around, I’ll either look on my phone for updates, or listen to a race on the radio in my car. My friends thought it would be a good idea to let me race on a horse since I loved them so much. They took me to a training facility one day and let me sign up for racing training. I thought it would be a piece of cake for a racing lover like me, but it was an entirely different story.

When I climbed on the horse for the first time, it was like I was getting on top of a car, with my legs wide open. I was a little afraid that the horse would fly back and I would fall off and injure myself like that famous actor. The horse just stood there while trembled like a little kids. My friends were getting a pretty good kick out of my fear. The trainer helped me ease into riding on the horse. I was going slowly like the kids that ride the horse at the fair.

Once I became more comfortable being on the horse, it picked up a little more speed, but I made it slow back down because I was still a little afraid. Eventually I shed my fears and the horse began running at a normal pace. For all of the fear that I had towards the horse in the beginning, it’s a pretty gentle animal. I worked until I got better at riding on the horse, until I could ride as fast as the jockeys in the races that I’ve seen.

This is the Modern Look of Legal Transcriptions

We rely on quick transcriptions. We need some things transcribed in as little as four hours. Plus, we need an insanely high degree of accuracy. When you are dealing with the court system, you do not want any errors that the other side could pounce on. This is why we choose to use transcription services with people who have a full understanding of the legal system as well as transcription abilities. They need to know the jargon as well as being able to put to paper what any number of people might be saying.

We have had witnesses with different accents and use of language being interviewed, and that makes it tough for anyone who does legal transcriptions. The service we use does an exceptional job. Anyone who understands how transcriptions work knows that there is usually a trade-off between the time allotted to do the transcription and the accuracy. If you want it now, like most of us do, you usually had to sacrifice a degree of accuracy. If you allowed more time, then the accuracy level would increase. I have found that the place we use to get our legal transcriptions done is highly accurate no matter how much time pressure we put them under to get the jobs done fast.

I also like that everything is handled electronically. We send the audio files, and we receive documents back electronically that we can print. There is no need to use fax machines, overnight delivery, messengers or any other stuff. I can get a document in an email and print it out right from my phone, since my phone is tied into our wireless printer. I have not found any faster way of getting transcription work done. I like this way of doing things. The old way is antiquated and slow. This is the modern era of legal transcription.

Our New Business App is a Super Success!

No matter what we did, we could not guarantee our website would display everything perfectly on every web browser. There were always issues when trying to get everything to work right and fit on every device and every browser in use. Then you now have social media companies with their pseudo-browsers that pop up your website within their apps so their viewers are not pulled out of their app experience. We decided to work with an app developer in Singapore to develop an app for us that would work flawlessly across every mobile platform. We wanted full control over the experience our customers have when viewing our products, and an app was the way to go.

We had much more than anticipated downloads of our app on the first day of its release. The integration of the app provides a flawless experience from viewing our products to making a purchase and tracking shipments. It loads quick, works on all new devices and enhances the consumer experience rather than hindering it. No more pinching and zooming to read text and view pictures. The formatting for each device is working great. I have viewed the app on Android and iOS devices as well as other operating systems. I asked employees who have different phones to sign up and fully run the app through its paces to find flaws. There really aren’t any. It is working great. We credit the app developer in Singapore for making us a great app.

Our customers are overwhelmingly positive about the new app. It is easy to use and we put a lot of thought into customizing the experience to each of our customers. We know that no two of them are identical in their shopping habits or desires when it comes to what we offer. Our app seamlessly adapts to every consumer’s needs and demands. I could not have asked for a better rollout of our new consumer app.

I’ve Found New Ways to Keep Up with the Game My Grandfather Taught Me About

Growing up, I remember watching tennis on TV was a big deal in our family. Our grandfather lived with us, and he really enjoyed tennis to the fullest. He played a lot when he was very young on his college team. So, he’s the one who taught us everything that there is to know about it. And it was just recently that I began getting interested in it again, and now I love to learn about the best tennis picks so that I can make a good bet.

A lot of people love to play fantasy football. While I love the game, I have never really gotten into making a bunch of picks in a fantasy game because there are so many different players on the team that you need to make as your pick as hopeful winners. It is not that way when it comes to tennis because you only have two players in the whole game to think about and scrutinize.

There is a popular website where people post a lot of videos. And I really enjoy following the people who have tennis shoes on there. Many of them film a new video or two every single week, and that they share their opinions and even stats about all the different players. It is really nice because it is interactive. You can ask them a question down in the comments area, and they can answer back to you. You can even form friendships this way with the people you meet there. Television is nothing like this, and I have often wondered if it ever will be.

I also go to a variety of websites that give me information on the game. There are a lot of pros there that give their advice and discuss upcoming games as well. It really helps me to relax and I can learn what I need to without having to do a lot of research on my own.

Waking Up in a Healthy Manner

The future is now. Not the sci-fi future but the future of right here, right now. The kind of future that we imagined back in the 90’s; being able to create a home network and the Internet. Having our own portable devices that are both a computer and a phone – more of a computer that is able to provide phone services. So when I went shopping for a sandwich toaster I didn’t shop for just a toaster but a toaster that’s able to connect to the home network that I’ve built. Being able to have a home network by only having to purchase products with Wifi or Bluetooth enabled receivers makes it so that anyone with a router or a bluetooth connection to be able to connect these devices through tablet or smartphone apps. With the help of these apps you can schedule the network to respond in very specific ways and behaviors.

On the weekends, I set my blinds to stay shut for an extra hour before they open. When they open, this triggers two things; my toaster to begin toasting the bagels that I placed in it the previous night and it starts the coffee to brewing. Once finished, it pours me a cup which triggers the dimmer light in my room to begin brightening ten minutes later. It’s a slow crawl, usually fifteen minutes before the light is fully on. This gives me time to wake up comfortable to that wonderful smell of fresh coffee on the pot. This wake up call has made waking up more pleasant than I thought possible. For most people, those first few moments getting out of bed is some of the worst. It’s a struggle! Now I can stumble into my kitchen for a fresh cup without being startled out of sleep by my alarm.

Online Stores for Cheap Rugs

My son was at home by himself for the weekend, and I guess he spilled a large cup of grape juice on the rug in the living room. He knows he is not supposed to have food or drink in that room, but I suppose he decided to break some rules while he had the house to himself. I’ll get to the story of what happened next in a moment, but I am trying to find rugs for sale online right now, because I am going to need to buy a new rug to replace the one that was in the living room before. I want to get one for fairly cheap, if I can, and I hope that I can find one that looks pretty good for a good price.

The rug that I am replacing was not a very cheap rug, but I just don’t want to spend a lot of money to get a new rug at the moment. Finances are kind of tight at the moment, and so I don’t think it would be very prudent to spend a lot of money on a replacement rug. I am going to try to find one pretty soon though, because the living room is going to look pretty bare without one. Anyway, the reason we have to replace the rug is not because of the grape juice stain, which probably would have came out, but because of what my son did to try to clean the stain.

He is not very smart when it comes to cleaning things and so he decided that he would use bleach to try to get the stain out. Well, it did work in getting the stain out, so I will give him that. But of course, it also bleached the area that he used it on.

Having Satellite TV in Our RV Was Easy

We got satellite for our RV a couple of weeks into our travels. We were going to forgo TV altogether when overwintering in a southern state escaping the cold and snow of home. However, after a few days of explorations, we did want our local network news on the RV TV rather than just watching DVDs. I got online and followed a click here for info link to get satellite TV. We already had a dish mounted on the coach, and all we needed was a receiver and an account. In a few days we were watching all of our network shows again. It was weird seeing the snow and other things back home from our cozy spot down in the deep south. I must say it sure dispelled any homesickness we might have been feeling.

During the days we walk, ride bikes, socialize, visit new restaurants, go out on the water and other things. At night we cozy up in our RV and watch our favorite shows we are recording on DVR. We will be having a dish installed on our house so we can continue to enjoy our satellite receiver at home. However, we are not going back up north until the spring thaw. We are very comfortable here, and will probably delay our return until it starts to get unbearably warm down here. That might be May or June! I might pay someone to cut the grass back home.

It is nice keeping up with news stories and maintaining that connection to the place we have lived our whole lives. We feel like residents of our home state, and we do like keeping up with what is happening. However, we are getting really used to this nice winter weather down here on this island chain. If we decide to move, then our local channels will change to here. That might or might not happen. Who knows? We are just enjoying life.